Welcome to the first escape game in Loganville, GA

Virtual Reality & Video Gaming 

Whether you want an immersive VR experience, some time on the Playstation, or retro gaming on an Atari or a Commodore Amiga, we have something for everyone 

-Call of Duty Black ops 

-Call of Duty Black ops 2

-WWE smackdown Vs Raw

-Fight Night Round 4

-Skate 3

Book time in the VR for only $20 for one hour.

VR game in a neon room.
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Take The Games Home!


Impossible Escape is now a distributor of boxed escape room games from EXIT: Games and UNLOCK!

These games allow you to play amazing adventures right from the comfort of your own home!

These games have everything you need, right in the box, and there are a large variety. such as.

Tuesday Night is Family Night!

Special $20pp

We want your entire to participate in our escape room games, and that’s why we have set aside Tuesdays for families.  Rather than the normal $35 per person, you can book the room for only $20 per player

Age: 18+
Age: 6-17
Police/ Fire /Military /Teachers /55+
Age: 6-17
Special for Adults
(Tuesdays Only)
Up to 8 people
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Escape Plan Georgia Food Drive

Wednesday Is Ecape Hunger Night!

We have partnered with Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry to help Escape Hunger in our area.

And on Wednesday, you can get up tom $10 off EACH admission, by bringing in non-perishable food items.  Each item you bring in takes $2 off your admission, up to $10 off (5 items).

And of course we would appreciate as many donations as you can provide, on any day.  Learn more about our Escape Hunger Program here.

Check out our featured Escape Rooms

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Monsters are real!  One of them has captured Detective Viktor VanHelsing!  Can you save him and stop the monster responsible?

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Your dream vacation took a dark turn. Can you escape before it’s too late?  This room has been updated for Halloween, with some new puzzles and scary props and themes!

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The Curse of Camp Crystal Lake

In 1986, “Friday the 13th Part VI” was filmed at Hard Labor Creek. Since then, legends of Jason Voorhees have haunted the locale. Recent reports suggest Jason is once again stalking the woods.

Back to the 80s Escape Room

Back to
the 80's

Crazy family members are taking things a step further when they lock you in an 80’s style game Basement replica and have you solve puzzles in order to get out.

We Also Bring The Escape Rooms To YOU!

Want to bring the Escape Room fun to you for your party, corporate event, church gathering or other occasion?  We can do that too!

Fuzzle Phase has a variety of mobile Escape rooms and mini adventures that will make your party or event memorable!  Check out all the games we currently have….

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Do you have what it takes?

Our escape game rooms allow players to step into a world of the unknown and unsolved and put their survival and problem-solving skills to the test in an unforgettable, heart-pounding hour of fun. It is one of the best entertainment activities in Loganville and the surrounding area!

Whether you are looking for an afternoon of bonding and adventure with family, an unforgettable night out with friends, or a unique team building experience with colleagues, look no further than Escape Plan Georgia. If you think you have what it takes to escape in time…book now!

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