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Interactive Interview

Are you looking for a fresh, innovative way to interview prospective job candidates? Are you finding it difficult to get to know your candidates before a formal job offer is made? Ever wish you could have a “SNEAK PEEK” of how each candidate truly engages and behaves when they think no one is listening or watching their every move? Well, you now have a unique way to do just that. Escape Plan Georgia is the live, immersive, escape room partner you need to gain more in-depth, real-world assessments of your prospective candidates’ during the interview process.


We are a leader in providing an interactive and immersive escape room experience that allows our guests the chance to be real-life detectives. With 60 minutes on the clock, guests must find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher hidden codes to escape the themed room of their choice.


Hundreds of companies across the U.S. from non-profits to major employers to educational institutions use escape rooms to learn more about their candidates, such as:

  • Ability to work as a team and/or Lead
  • Ability to Work Cohesively with team members
  • Their Level of Professionalism
  • Critical Thinking Skills


  • Improve your success rates of hiring top employees through:
    • ✓  Real-life reactions in a team building environment
    • ✓  Observation of candidates’ attitudes towards working in an interactive setting
    • ✓  Gaining a deeper knowledge of candidates’ behaviors and engagement levels
  • Reduce costs by improving the likelihood of hiring the best candidates
    • ✓  According to the US Department of Labor the typical cost of a bad hire can be equal to 30% of that individual’s yearly salary
    • ✓  A bad hire also results in morale and productivity issues and the cost may actually be higher than the one mentioned above


Book an appointment through our marketing department to discuss the number of candidates you would like to evaluate and your assessment goals. Bulk discounts available. Details of how to observe your prospective candidates as they go through the immersive event will be outlined during the appointment call.

*Parties can be booked for any day, with advance-notice.  Call for availability

Name of the person organizing the event
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Let us know when you would like to have your group/event play
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