Haunted Escape Room in Loganville

In 1986, Friday the 13th Part VI was shot at Camp Daniel Morgan at Hard Labor Creek. Since the film was made, legends of Camp Crystal Lake have haunted the area, as whispers of the hockey-masked murderer, Jason Voorhees, were merely tales told around campfires. But now, those tales have resurfaced with chilling authenticity. Recent sightings claim someone – or something – resembling the notorious Jason is stalking the woods once more.

Recently, a daring group of teenagers, driven by curiosity and the allure of debunking the myth, ventured into the infamous campground a week ago. They hoped to capture evidence of Jason’s existence, or lack thereof. But they vanished without a trace, their last known location being one of the old cabins.

You and your team, a group of fearless explorers and amateur detectives, decide to investigate the mystery, hoping to uncover the truth and ensure that no one else gets hurt. But as fate would have it, upon your arrival at Camp Crystal Lake, you find yourselves trapped inside the very cabin where the teenagers were last seen. The door is locked, the windows are sealed, and an eerie fog surrounds the area. And somewhere, lurking in the shadows, is the menacing presence of Jason.


You have 60 minutes to uncover the secrets of the cabin, find out what happened to the missing teenagers, and unlock the mystery of Jason Voorhees. Most importantly, you need to escape the cabin and avoid becoming the next victims of Camp Crystal Curse.

Friday the 13th scary escape room
from $35 /person
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What a fun time in Loganville! Very well run and great for families or team building. Really enjoyed the different options and story lines!

– Doug B.

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