Beach Escape

You have looked forward to your beach vacation for months! You found an unbelievably cheap deal, almost too good to be true, to a small island off of the coast of Belize with breathtaking views of the ocean on one of those discount vacation websites. You arrive at your condo and it is everything that you dreamed of: beach views, beautiful water, clean rooms, and great amenities!

However, upon entering your room you realize that you are unable to open the door and the phone in your room and cell phones aren’t working. As you start to explore the room and look for a way out, you begin to realize that the owners of this facility might not be in the vacation business after all and you may not return from your vacation in one piece…

Private bookings available

Prefer to have the escape room booked for your own party? No problem! Solve the clues of our Beach Escape room at Escape Plan GA with only your friends and family or coworkers by having a private booking.

Cost varies depending upon party size.

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from $25 /person
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This place is amazing! The staff are so nice and helpful! We have done all of the rooms that they have and they are all well thought out and put together. Seki was an amazing help throughout our visits! Thank you!

– Logan L.

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